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Onimi Italia Sdn Bhd

Onimi Italia Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia, offering wide range of building material related products and trading for the building and construction industry.

About Us

Founded in 2005, Onimi Italia Sdn Bhd is a leading distributor and manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen products and accessories in Malaysia. We began as an OEM supplier to brands such as Claytan, Sime Inax, Pakai and more. But our passion for product craftmanship led us to establish our own eponymous brand, which has grown exponentially to become one of the leading names in the market at home and abroad.

Today, we are one of the most successful and diverse distributors and manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen products and accessories. We carry a broad range of major brands as well as our own brand Onimi and Onimi Italia. Our commitment to high quality standards also continues to position us as an OEM solutions provider for other leading brands.

Our own manufacturing plant in Kai Ping, Guangdong, China allows us to confidently offer our guarantee of quality and meet customer demands. Having control over the manufacturing process also means we can provide the market with more new, innovative products at affordable prices.

We also have a 10,000 square feet storage facility in Shah Alam, Malaysia, which accommodates large volumes and more product choices. This is complemented by a string dealer network across the country, which helps us broaden our market reach more effectively and get more products to customers – whether they are builders or home owners – more quickly.

Onimi Italia is a growing regional company. From our home base in Malaysia, we have expanded to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. International expansion is a key component of our company vision and we will continually develop more global markets for our products.

With a total universe of research and development, design, manufacturing and distribution under one roof, we aim to elevate the Onimi Italia brand to greater heights while building our OEM competencies.


Products & Services

Creating excellence through Quality, Design and innovation

At Onimi Italia, we are deeply passionate about creating the finest quality bathroom and kitchen fittings and accessories that holds up to international standards. Our products are crafted according to three-pronged approach of Design, Quality and Performance.


For us, design is not just about appearance; it’s a customer-centric focus. We understand consumers today demand for form and functions, and our design philosophy strives to offer both. Our products reflect contemporary and trend-led aesthetics, often blended with timeless appeal. We also aim to add utilitarian value to this, with carefully crafted functions seamlessly blended into the design to enhance the end product.


We are committed to delivering the best in quality. With an uncompromising focus on this, we work with only the highest quality raw materials – from the metals and finishing we use for our sink taps and bathroom faucets to the smallest valve and accessories. Each product then undergoes stringent internal testing at our own testing laboratory to ensure it can withstand the most rigorous wear and tear. We support this pledge with generous investments into research and development for innovation and raw materials development, and continuous improvement in our technical capabilities and manufacturing process. All these drives towards singular goal: to make Onimi Italia a guarantee of excellence.


At the heart of our products is the promise of dependable performance. Using cutting edge technology and latest R&D, we create intelligent products that top the market in efficiency and effectiveness. We offer the most crucial functionalities, like smooth and precise control of the cartridge and the powerful flow of the water through the aerator in all our products. Then we take things a step further with specialist ranges incorporating premium technology and features. But whether it is a basic accessory like robe hook or high tech sensor valve and medical mixers, every Onimi Italia products offers the assurance of reliability and results.



No.5, Jalan Lira U3/41, Seksyen U3, 40150 Shah Alam.

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