463rd Exco Meeting at Co-labs Coworking Shah Alam

463rd Exco Meeting at Co-labs Coworking Shah Alam

Date: 28/11/19

Time: 2:30pm


A big thank you shoutout to Co-labs Coworking Shah Alam for allowing us to host our 463rd Exco Meeting in their venue and also giving us a tour for better understanding on how co-sharing workspace works and its increasing popularity.

Co-labs Coworking is a co-sharing workspace uniquely designed for rising entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and corporates. They are in the business of connecting communities within a collaborative ecosystem where members can take root and flourish in a thoughtfully-designed workspace, nestled in 200-year-old up-cycled Chengal wood interiors and furnishing.

Feel free to find out more at https://co-labs.asia


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