Taklimat Jadual Keempat Akta 520 CIDB Yang Dikemaskini



BMDAM attended Taklimat Jadual Keempat (Schedule 4) Akta 520 CIDB Yang Dikemaskini on 17th March 2020. This is a workshop for the final list of schedule 4 in CIDB Act 520 before it is tabled for AG to approve. Once this is approved, it will be announced by CIDB.

The workshop began with an opening speech by Encik Sazali, Pengurus Besar Bahagian Standard dan Bahan Binaan. Akta 520 was then briefed to the attendees. In the briefing session, Schedule 4 milestones are reviewed. It started on the 24th Oct 2018 with various industry and association untill the standard confirmed and table to JPT on Aug 2019. Refinement of the products and Standard in the Schedule 4 were mentioned in the briefing as well. Some have been taken away and some were added more. Clients, Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers (manufacturers and importers) roles in ensuring the implementation of Schedule 4 are important.

After the briefing, the second session of the workshop is to confirm and brief the construction materials standard that were newly added. It started with structural materials like Iron and Steel products, and all the way to Sanitary wares and Ceramic Tiles. One interesting product learned is the Industrial Building System (IBS). CIDB has put in lots of effort in putting the Construction Industry Standard (CIS) which is CIS 24. Our members are encourage to download from the CIDB website.

The Link: http://www.cidb.gov.my/index.…/…/construction-info/standards

There were not much debate on the standard, but Certified Body (CB) request CIDB to look into MS EN type of adoption standard where Custom Malaysia only allow the exact standard mentioned to be imported. Hopefully CIDB can accept with the Original Standard like EN only, instead of MS EN. This make the importer easier, and shall not take this as non-trade barrier.

The conference ended smoothly ‪at 12.30pm.‬

Reported by BMDAM President – Bill Lee


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